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RadarBI is a tool kit for creating and viewing interactive dashboards with powerful analytical facilities. Make the most of RadarBI with its combination of the simple and convenient way of creating reports and the facilities for analysing data displayed to the end user.

RadarBI allows creating reports viewable both in the Web and Windows-means with the use of standard charts, tables, and gauges as well as advanced OLAP controls.

Reports created in RadarBI Designer can later be saved as files and then be opened with RadarBI Viewer (our freely distributed application) as well as be implemented into your Desktop or Web-solution.

Powerful analytical facilities of our reports, such as the option of creating nested reports, the advanced system of layouting and the high interactivity, make them almost full-blown analytical BI-applications. And in some ways our reports even out do them.


Creating a report in the RadarBI Designer Creating an OLAP report in the RadarBI
Creating a report in the RadarBI Designer Creating an OLAP report in the RadarBI


2012/04/05 RadarBI 2.05.0
Main changes:
  • New abilities and fixes in Gauge, DataPeeker and Data Source Master.
  • Multiple selection on Chart and Map.
  • Help and documentation are improved.

2012/02/05 RadarBI 2.04.0

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